Day 17

itin day17 fairyWelcome to the land of the Romans. We move on and explore the valley of the Moselle, famous for its terraced vineyards since Roman times. Our lovely destination is great for sightseeing and we can accompany a watchman on his way through narrow lanes in the dark of night.


Day 18

itin day 5 shortFollowing the twists and turns of the Moselle, we arrive at our next destination, a truly enchanting little village with a waterfall in its centre, lots of small bridges and charming half-timbered facades. Time for a stroll and that wonderful German tradition of afternoon cake & coffee.


Day 19

itin day 6 shortVisit one of the oldest cities in Germany. Founded by the Celts it later became one of the capitals of the Roman empire. So expect a history-packed excursion including the Porta Nigra, one of the best-preserved Roman city gates, the Imperial Baths from the 4th century and a Roman amphitheatre (guided tour of the city incl.)


Day 20

itin day20 fairyThrough the beautiful Palatinate region we make our way to the German Wine Route, famous for its traditional wine villages. There are lots of photo stops in between and in the evening a friendly light in the deep forest far away from the hustle and bustle welcomes us and treats us to local cuisine.


Day 21

itin day21 fairyYou know the story of the legendary crusader Richard the Lionheart and his mad, power-hungry brother King John. But did you know that Richard was captured and held at our destination's castle? We will show you this place as well as the romantic streets of our host village.


Day 22

itin day22a fairyEnjoy a scenic drive along the German Wine Route through vineyards before we arrive in Mannheim again. We return the motorhomes, bring you to your hotel and have a farewell dinner (incl.).


Day 23

itin day 32This is your departure day. Transport to Frankfurt airport - and tissues – are included.