Southeast Europe in one minute

media files southeast1We pave the way through enigmatic Southeast Europe, free from tight schedules. Drift through charismatic landscapes, unlock times past and present and relish our joyful and intimate atmosphere. Embark on a unique road adventure!

On the Road

media files teaser 1Maybe you are curious what your road adventure will look like? We have created a little video as part of our Facebook advertising campaign. Watch it here. Enjoy!

What's included in our pricing?

media files includedWe include - apart from the essentials like motorhome rental & campsites - a bundle of services and extras worth several hundred Euros. You can see some of them in this video. Of course you can join our tours with your own vehicle. Please ask for your personalised quote.

The Medieval Fayre

media files fayreStroll with us through a medieval fayre in Germany, organised with love by locals. Enjoy the amiable atmosphere! Interested in more pleasant travel surprises aside the common tourist routes? Discover the real local spirit with our tours.

Riding the waves at the Rhine Falls

media files rhinefallsThe Rhine Falls are the largest waterfalls in Europe. Where many visitors stop for just taking a few photos, our tour schedule allows enough time for a wild, wet ride. May "Father Rhine" - the river god - be with us! Watch the video here.

Recently in Bavaria

media files viehscheidAh! Sexy German cowboys in "Lederhosen". It's autumn in the Alps and they are bringing the cattle down from their mountain pastures, to the sound of hundreds of bells. We include such an event in our Classic tour. Watch it here.